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  • Cassidy Reyne

Talisman — A review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I was drawn into this book pretty much right away. I liked the different characters and the well described settings. The story centers around Rowan, a not so ordinary man with extraordinary abilities who descends from an ancient race of Celtic Warriors, and Alyssa, a woman who is currently working on her Masters thesis on Celtic Mythology and is also descended from the same Warriors, only she has no idea. When the two meet, Rowan quickly realizes she is his Talisman, the woman he is destined to bond with in order to avoid a thousand-year old curse. Alyssa was brought up by her Grandmother and was taught nothing about her destiny or her heritage, and resists Rowan’s advances at first. As he is on a short timeline, he bulldozes his way into her life, while making insanely hot love to her at every opportunity, which leaves her reeling. Nonetheless, she agrees to help him and his family in their battle against two evil Goddesses who both want Rowan for themselves.

Despite Rowan’s, at times, heavy handedness and occasionally clueless behavior, he acts out of necessity, under a time constraint, and to protect the people he loved, and it all makes sense as you get to know him. Alyssa attempts to slow things down, but it almost falls on deaf ears. She needs time to process everything she’s being told and the things she has to learn, but as time is running out and a battle with the goddesses and their minions is looming, only a crash course will help. It won’t teach her everything, and it certainly won’t help her sort out her feelings about her heritage, her destiny or Rowan.

I really enjoyed the story. It caught me in its grip, and I found I couldn’t put it down until I’d read till the very end. The characters were well developed with real depth and strong personalities, the settings were descriptive and imaginative and the story flowed well with attention to detail and consistency throughout. Celtic Folklore and Myths were woven into the fabric in a seamless and believable way.

If you’re a fan of Paranormal Romance with a bit of action, hot alpha males and strong, sassy women, then this book is for you. Highly Recommended.

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