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Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels


It was meant to be a fun and relaxing spring break in Florida…


Rick Harrington was enjoying his vacation with his best friends. With a rental apartment overlooking the beach booked, and deep-sea fishing, diving, and jet-skiing planned, they were all set for a great time.


Rick couldn’t be more excited when he found the girl he was in love with spending the break on the same beach. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend. Jealous and controlling, he was causing nothing but problems, and Rick could barely control his temper whenever the guy was near.

Teresa Hart arrived in Daytona Beach to enjoy the sunshine with her boyfriend and friends. But Pierce seemed more interested in drinking and partying than being with her. When he accuses her of cheating every time she so much as says hello to another man, and threatens to do something about it, she becomes desperate to stay out of trouble. But it’s harder than she imagined when the guy she’s secretly drawn to repeatedly comes to her aid and defense. He sets her heart racing, and drives Pierce’s anger to boiling point.


When Teresa goes missing during a violent tropical storm, Rick knows something terrible has happened to her. In a race against time and weather, he frantically searched the entire town in a desperate attempt to find the love of his life. Willing to do whatever it takes to make her safe, he has no choice but to confront Pierce—the last person who’d seen her.


Did Pierce do something to her? Will Rick ever see her again? 


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"Their love story is a wonderful mix of romance, mystery and suspense that will keep you turning the pages till the very end. But what makes it truly exceptional is the feeling! 

Darkness and hope, suffering and happiness, and above all, a scorching love, this author gives it all. And you cannot help but be swept into the torrent."


"I loved this book. The characters, the settings, the story... all of it!

If you are looking for hearts and flowers, you will get them in bucket loads, but don't be fooled. With them comes the tale of two individuals who have gone through hell to find each other, but they never got the memo that their troubles were only just beginning."



Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels
Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels
Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels
Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels
Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels
Cassidy Reyne | The Sentinels
Cassidy Reyne | Agent Undone
Fallen Unchained | Paranormal Romance
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