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Agent: Undone

Women were like shot glasses lined up on a bar — until her.

DEA Agent Carter Hollis isn’t big on relationships. After his girlfriend dies in his arms during a mission, he becomes a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of guy. He spends most of his time between his work and random one-night stands. But when he is wounded during an operation, he has no choice but to take medical leave, slow down and spend a few weeks recuperating in Florida.

Escaping a painful and terrifying past, Madison Ward lives in hiding under a new identity. Content with her tranquil lifestyle on the Florida Panhandle, she’s not looking for changes, least of all—a new relationship.

When Carter and Madison meet, the sparks fly, at least from his side. But after Carter is called back for an urgent mission, cutting his vacation short, she finds herself lonelier than ever. Despite Carter’s promise to come back, she doesn’t hear from him. And as her past catches up with her, her worst nightmare comes true. Back in her own personal hell, she knows there is no way out. With her situation growing increasingly dangerous by the moment, she has no choice but accept her fate and hope death comes quickly.

Will Carter find her before it’s too late? Would he search for her at all?
After all, he is “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of guy…

Download this fast paced, steamy romantic drama that will keep you crying, laughing and cheering all the way to the last page. Get it now.

Carter stepped out of the plane, squinting in the strong sunlight. He’d been away so long it felt weird to think he was nearly home. His team had been sent to Laos after their government had asked for help to combat recent large scale poppy growing and newly established drug smuggling routes. It was too big a problem for them to handle and they wanted the expertise and experience of the DEA to deal with it. 

On legs as unsteady as a newborn kitten’s, he made his way to the steps from the transport plane that had taken him from the jungles of Laos to the shores of the Atlantic. Or as near as it could get. The sands of Virginia Beach were only a twenty-minute drive away and he couldn’t wait to get there. Nearly blinded by the sun’s rays glinting off another aircraft nearby, he felt his way down the metal staircase.

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