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The Bound By Conviction Series Book Five

The Sentinels: Saving Sanity

Grayson Hawke, former Navy SEAL and current Chief Of Security for the Sentinels Group, likes to work hard and play even harder. Filling his life with his job, friends, and plenty of gorgeous women, he loves every minute and sees no reason to change.

Jasmine Masters has worked long and hard to become a fully qualified veterinarian, and despite not having much of a dating life — mainly due to her overbearing father — she’s content and wakes every morning with a smile.

When Gray meets the fun and sassy vet with the luscious hair and eyes that shimmer with gold, his usual one-and-done behavior takes an unexpected break. She sneaks behind the armor plating around his heart and makes him feel things he’s never experienced before. Their connection is hot, steamy, and incendiary. They’re not in a relationship, though, as he doesn’t do those. His past experiences have taught him he’s unworthy of love. Spending time getting hot and sweaty between the sheets is all he can offer.


Dating a man like Gray is a new and wondrous experience for Jasmine.

Not only is he the size of a mountain with muscles upon muscles, his manners are impeccable, his smile charming, and he has an intensity about him that sets her heart racing.

Her only problem is hiding the relationship from her dad as he doesn’t approve of any man in her life, except someone he has chosen himself.


When their liaison becomes known, Gray’s life implodes, and he finds himself alone, reviled, and full of uncontrollable rage. The beast he’s kept caged in his head since retiring from the Navy is rattling its cage, demanding to be let out.

Putting his life at risk, he heads back to the one place he should never be.


Jasmine can’t remember her life from before her father demanded she works for him. Sometimes, a giant of a man appears in her dreams, making butterflies take flight in her stomach, and whisking her away from the horrors her future now holds. Pain, misery, and fear have become the cornerstones of her existence.


Who knew finding some newborn kittens could forever alter the very existence of two people, each with their own heavy load to carry? Is Jasmine doomed to cower in her father’s shadow? Can Gray find his way back to life, his friends, and his dignity?


This is the first part of Gray’s story. The conclusion to his story will be released in the coming months.


If you like romance thrillers that will make you laugh, cry, and hope, then you’ll love the fourth installment of the Bound by Conviction Series.

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Filled with intrigue and deception, I couldn’t put the book down from the moment I opened the first page.

My favorite character in this book, by far, is Gray. Tormented, almost to the point of self-loathing he sees redemption in his growing relationship with Jasmine. You find yourself rooting for them as a couple, hoping they can overcome the hurdles in front of them. I can’t wait to see the next chapter in Gray’s story - in the meantime, I’m going to read the rest of the Sentinel series!


The author has an amazing way of pulling you into the story and make you feel everything the characters feel: the attraction, pain, love, betrayal and the adrenalin rush in dangerous situations.

The story has the perfect balance of mystery and suspense, love and heartbreak. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


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