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Nikolas was enjoying his life. His marriage to Anya was all he could have wished for. She was his everything, and she filled parts of his soul he’d never known were empty. Living and working with her, and having his best friends by his side every day, was as good as it got and he couldn’t have asked for anything else.


So, why had he started to feel so angry towards everyone, and especially Anya? 


He could feel the aggression bubbling under his skin like a hot, oily substance and it was becoming more and more difficult to contain. Some days he wished he could just...


Find out what happens to Nikolas and Anya as their lives are changed beyond recognition. Are the accidents their friends and family become involved in just that — accidents? Or is there something else at play? Nikolas’ enemies have tried to hurt them before. Are they back to get him, hurting those he loves in the process?



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“Anya, you are the only woman I want to in my life. There hasn’t been anyone else since the day I saw you in the lounge at San Francisco airport and there never will be. You are my wife, my love, my soulmate. My only reason for breathing, for existing, is you, if you’ll still have me?” Nikolas waited with bated breath for her answer. 

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Heartbreak, suffering, pain and sorrow, hope, trust and scorching love. This book is an emotional roller-coaster that exceeds its predecessor.

Small details and clues dropped along the way for the reader to pick up and build the big final puzzle, combined with a fast and gripping pace and skillfully entwined with vivid emotions turn this novel into a first rate romantic suspense read.


"I'm still a bit lost for words after reading this book. The Sentinels 2 is everything I had hoped it to be, and more, taking you on a roller-coaster ride that leaves you reaching for tissues or screaming at the book. The build up to the climax progresses steadily, and although it becomes clear what the villain wants early on, you want to read more, page after page, and it's hard to put down once the action starts."


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