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​Anya’s life had been in turmoil for several years. Having been cheated on by her boyfriend and terrorized by a stalker she was now finally able to look forward to starting a new life.

The tall, dark and gorgeous man sitting next to her on the plane has her mesmerized like never before. He exudes a quiet strength and power that draws her in like a magnet. 

They both want a Forever but forces outside their control is trying to rip them apart.


Is their soulmate connection and love for each other enough to overcome the pain and tragedy that awaits them?


A powerful alpha male and a strong, resilient woman--a relationship fueled by deep love and passion, challenged by pain, terror and lost memories.



“I’m not sure how to tell you this but it’s the middle of February. In fact, it’s Valentine’s Day. You were in transfer for seven months.”


Nikolas stared at Dan in horror. “Did you say Valentine’s? It’s February 14 today?” 

Dan nodded.


“I need to see her, please. I won’t talk to her, I promise. I just need to see her and hear her voice. Dan, please, we’ve already lost so much time.” Nikolas pleaded with his friend. 


“I’ll see what I can do but I’m not making any promises.” The doc wasn’t quite sure how, but he’d try to think of something. Maybe Logan or Grey could come up with some ideas.


Nikolas settled back on his bed and closed his eyes.



"Their love story is a wonderful mix of romance, mystery and suspense that will keep you turning the pages till the very end. But what makes it truly exceptional is the feeling! 

Darkness and hope, suffering and happiness, and above all, a scorching love, this author gives it all. And you cannot help but be swept into the torrent."


"I loved this book. The characters, the settings, the story... all of it!

If you are looking for hearts and flowers, you will get them in bucket loads, but don't be fooled. With them comes the tale of two individuals who have gone through hell to find each other, but they never got the memo that their troubles were only just beginning."


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