Logan Wells — ethical hacker, cyber expert.

Who knew that a single phone call could destroy the lives of two people overnight?


Logan Wells is not long-term relationship material. Relationships lead to disaster—this is the lesson he’s learned early in life, and he stands by it. A few enjoyable dates and then onward and upward. No promises, no commitments, no problems.


Men’s inability to commit has never bothered Casey. So, when she meets Logan and starts dating him, she thinks it is the best thing that has happened to her, even knowing he is not the going steady type.


After receiving a late-night call, Logan’s life is turned upside down. Driven by a sense of duty, he must make hard choices that will change his entire existence forever, leading to unforeseeable consequences. And losing Casey is the hardest one of all. Pushed into a corner, he has no choice but to create a whole new life, away from his friends, his job, and his love. 


When Logan disappears without a word, Casey struggles with the loss. Hurt and distressed, she does a few things she isn’t proud of, putting herself in immediate danger. However, the biggest threat comes completely unexpected, and it is the one she isn’t sure she can survive.


At the moment when everything seems to be lost, only one person stands between Casey and her inevitable demise—Logan Wells.


But does he have what it takes to save the woman he loves? Or had they said their final goodbyes when he left everything and everyone he loved behind?


If you like romance thrillers that will make you laugh, cry, and hope, then you’ll love the third installment of the Sentinels series. Get your copy now!