Logan Wells — ethical hacker, cyber expert.

He’d worked hard since college making a name for himself, and now he was enjoying the successes. His company, Wells Cyber, was expanding and making great strides as a leader in computer security. The CEO he’d put in charge was more than earning his salary. It had left Logan free to accept the role as Head of Cyber at The Sentinels. It was a new challenge and he got to work with his friends, Rick, Nikolas and Gray.

Even his love life had taken a turn for the better. Casey Thomas was bright, funny, intelligent  and sexy as sin. Even better, she wasn’t putting any pressure on him to make things more permanent. He didn’t do long term relationships.


When a  phone call and a coffee with an old flame changes everything he thought he’d set in stone, Logan’s world falls apart. Without a word to anyone he disappears and has no intention of coming back. This was something he had to deal with on his own and his friends, and Casey, would all be better off without him in their lives. Nikolas, Rick and Gray don’t agree and are determined to find him and won’t give up until they know why he left everything, and everyone, behind.


© 2019 by Cassidy Reyne.  All Rights Reserved.

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