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The Sentinels -

Saving Her

The Sentinels 2 -

Saving Him

Nikolas has finally found his soulmate. With painful experiences from previous relationships he grasps this chance of a happy future with both hands but can he hold on or is he about to lose her forever?
After a chance meeting Nikolas knew Anya was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. When his enemies nearly kill her he doesn't hesitate to put his life on hold to save hers. But as tragedy strikes again will he be able to save her for a second time - and at what cost?

Anya’s life had been in turmoil for several years. Having been cheated on by her boyfriend and terrorized by a stalker she was now finally able to look forward to starting a new life. The tall, dark and gorgeous man sitting next to her on the plane has her mesmerised like never before. He exudes a quiet strength and power that draws her in like a magnet. They both want a Forever but forces outside their control is trying to rip them apart. Is their soulmate connection and love for each other enough to overcome the pain and tragedy that awaits them? A powerful alpha male and a strong, resilient woman - a relationship fuelled by deep love and passion, challenged by pain, terror and lost memories.

Anya Hunter thought she had it all. A sexy, handsome and loving husband, a great career and amazing friends. Her life was perfect. Until it wasn’t. When her best friends become involved in serious accidents she leans on her husband for comfort and support. As he turns from being sweet, caring and attentive to aggressive, cold and contemptuous, Anya doesn’t know what to do. Then the unthinkable happens and her life is shattered into a million pieces.


Nikolas was enjoying his life. His marriage to Anya was all he could have wished for. She was his everything and she filled parts of his soul he’d never known were empty. Living and working with her, and having his best friends by his side every day, was as good as it got and he couldn’t have asked for anything else. So, why had he started to feel so angry towards everyone, and especially Anya?  He could feel the aggression bubbling under his skin like a hot, oily substance and it was becoming more and more difficult to contain. Somedays he wished he could just……….


Find out what happens to Nikolas and Anya as their lives are changed beyond recognition. Are the accidents their friends and family become involved in just that — accidents? Or is there something else at play? Nikolas’ enemies have tried to hurt them before. Are they back to get him, hurting those he loves in the process?


A romantic suspense novel that will draw you in to the lives of these two Sentinels. They are Jumeaux — Soulmates — with a bond beyond that of normal people. Will these events finally tear them apart or is there a chance for a happy ever after?

Available now in both paperback and e-book on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Working Cover

The Sentinels 3 - Logan's Mistake

Working Cover

Agent: Undone

This is my current Work-In-Progress (wip) which I started during the April CampNaNoWriMo with a goal of at least 50 000 words.


Coming 2020

DEA Agent Carter Hollis is in Florida on medical leave due to an injury sustained during an op. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy so when he spots the beautiful Madison Ward his interest is immediately peaked and he’s up for some ‘no strings attached’ fun. It’s not going to be easy to get her into his bed, though, as she shows no interest in Carter other than as a friend. Carter isn’t about to give up any time soon but has to put his plans on hold when he gets called back for what is meant to be a short mission. When he finally returns to Florida Madison has vanished without a trace.


Reviews for The Sentinels - Saving Her




5.0 out of 5 stars All consuming love story

18 February 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Nikolas and Anya have an instant connection. They are humans with paranormal abilities who discover they’re a perfect match. I’m a sucker for a good love story and this book did not disappoint. It’s about all consuming love and how the prospect of losing your soulmate can tear you apart. Nik and Anya were certainly put through the wringer and had me emotionally invested; desperately hoping for a happy outcome. This was an enjoyable read and I will be looking out for future books by the author.

5.0 out of 5 stars What a rollercoaster!!!

18 November 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Amazing story and book. I can’t wait for the next one 💓.
I really loved the story.. love does keep us alive
I was heart broken when the doctor pronounced her dead after being kidnapped and rescued 😩. I had to stop reading... but was so curious of what happened next .....so relieved she was still alive!!!!  I simply couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.

This has to come out as a movie.


5.0 out of 5 stars What a wonderful start to her writing career

13 January 2019 - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Just finished reading the debut novel from an independent author I discovered thanks to the bookstagram community. Cassidy Reyne has created a touching, finely written romance story with a bit of a paranormal twist. Nikolas is a Sentinel, a person with certain abilities normal humans don't possess, such as the ability to contact other Sentinels with only his mind. When he meets Anya, he thinks his life is complete, but circumstances may prevent their happily ever after.

Reyne has displayed a fine ability to craft characters the reader will rapidly grow to empathize with, and a riveting storyline very easily followed. The plot mostly revolves around the relationship between Nikolas and Anya, with the paranormal aspect taking backstage until the second half of the novel, where it becomes more prevalent. The novel ends with a happy ending, or does it? The setup for the next entry into this series (duology?) has me looking forward to the author's future works.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read!

27 January 2019 - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I just finished The Sentinels: Saving Her by Cassidy Reyne. I typical don’t read books in this genres, however that being said, it did an amazing job right from the start to get me hooked and entertained. The best way I could explain it was that it had a other worldly James Bond type of feel, with a good amount of romance and intrigue.

Nikolas, is a Sentinel, who has the look and feel of any top notch spy. However during the battle of good and evil, he encounters love and finds out how much such an attachment can cost.

I highly recommend this book to any one, especially those who enjoy a good romance and adventure. Well done Cassidy.

5.0 out of 5 stars In My Feelings

21 March 2019 - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

From the beginning Anya and Nikolas were made for each other. The chemistry felt amazing. The emotions of these characters had me up and down, but I still couldn't stop reading it. Cassidy Reyne wrote exceptional characters. I love the story and can't wait to read more for this author.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!

25 January 2019 - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Kindle Edition

Cassidy Reyne’s debut novel, “The Sentinels” is nothing short of amazing. This paranormal romance will have you feeling anxious, hopeful, and amazed. The story begins with the development of Nikolas and Anya’s relationship. With the help of their troubling pasts and their jumeaux link, Nik and Anya quickly begin to trust each other, and soon fall deeply in love. Many tribulations confront these two lovers, but in the end, true love is the victor. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! I’m so looking forward to the next one!

5.0 out of 5 stars An enthralling and suspenseful romance that tickles all the senses!

June 18, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Cassidy Reyne’s debut novel hits all the right spots with its romance, suspense and page-turning thrills! I was immediately drawn in by the brilliant pace of the novel, right from page one. Cassidy did a beautiful job of feeding my mind with just enough tidbits to keep me engaged, curious and invested as Nikolas and Anya’s undeniable chemistry developed. Along the way I got to learn about the mysteriously secretive organization called The Sentinels and all the work that they do.

My favorite part of this read is how realistically and naturally Cassidy weaves in some science and medicine into the story without having it overpower and drag the story down. Truly, that takes so much talent and practice to achieve so masterfully. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!



5.0 out of 5 stars Great read

February 24, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

After a busy work-week, it was nice to sit down and fall into a mysterious romance story. The author did a wonderful job with snagging my interest and keeping it. I love a good, simple mystery and this book didn't disappoint. I'd like to know about the Sentinel Society, so maybe there's another book coming? Hopefully? Anya and Nicholas were a wonderful couple, although they were meant for each other, I felt like they really clicked.

5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, gut-wrenching, all the feels story

20 June 2019 - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Kindle Edition

Cassidy Reyne has done a bang on job of writing a paranormal romance which sweeps you off your feet and takes you along for the ride. Following the lives of Nikolas and Anya, you are quickly drawn into their feelings - almost as fast as they do, and it's hard to let them go. Even though there doesn't appear to be direct danger, the undercurrent is there throughout the entire back - you know something is going to happen, and you'll continue reading until you get there. Sure, there are some errors which can be entirely overlooked.

All in all, I loved this book and I cannot wait for book 2 to come out!

Reviews for The Sentinels 2 - Saving Him

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Book series typically fall into one of two categories: 
Either the first book is the best, and following books read more like increasingly weak, rushed afterthoughts, pumped out to fulfill a publisher's or fans’ demands. 
Or, the first book is decent, serving as a kind of developmental stage, and the following books are where the author really hits their stride.
In the case of The Sentinels series, I’d have to say that, while I enjoyed book one, Saving Her, I think author Cassidy Reyne has really developed her style in book two, Saving Him. 
Saving Him is even more polished, and an even easier read than the first book was. It’s also one you’ll be itching to discuss with your friends.
Without wanting to give away any spoilers, almost everything I was wondering about at the end of book one was resolved in book two – and often in very unexpected ways! The only thing I missed was a deeper explanation of why the Grits hate the Sentinels so much – and I was surprised to find that apparently even the Chief Operating Officer of the Sentinels doesn’t know! 
Book two raises as many questions as it answers. For example, just as Nikolas doesn’t fully understand the Grits’ motivation, Dan, the Sentinels’ doctor, doesn’t fully understand the Jumeux bond introduced in book one either. There are still many mysteries to be solved in this series. I hope Reyne will come out with an origin story for the two groups at some stage to satisfy my curiosity and flesh out the series further!
Saving Him once again follows the romance of Anya and Nikolas. But the Nikolas of the first book, who lamented the fact that women don’t always feel safe, in the second book seems more concerned with potential predators knowing this woman is his. Nikolas is much more possessive of Anya in this book, to the point of obsession, hinting at a much darker side of his character than we saw in book one. 
Throughout the first book, I wondered what Anya was getting into, entering a relationship so quickly, especially given her past experiences with a stalker and a, shall we say, less-than-stellar ex. In light of Anya's history with relationships, and the whirlwind nature of her coming together with Nikolas, I wondered whether he was truly all he seemed. 
Right the way through the second book, Nikolas constantly refers to Anya as ‘my woman’, even when defending her against a man who... also wants to possess her. Nikolas seems to consider Anya almost as his territory or property to mark or brand. While Anya does occasionally assert that he is hers, too, her possession of him is not tinged with the jealousy and (literal) growling that Nikolas’ is.
While Saving Her, as I noted in my previous review, was a mixture of many genres, with perhaps the heaviest emphasis on romance, book two shifts gears. Saving Him is mainly suspense/mystery, which personally I enjoy a lot more (although for those who enjoy the steamier moments, there are still plenty of these).
Where book one of the Sentinels focused on the blossoming and, in many ways, fantastically positive and respectful relationship between Anya and Nikolas, with Anya’s experiences with her cheating boyfriend and violent stalker taking a back seat, book two foregrounds several instances of men treating women terribly. Importantly, it tests out various hypotheses to explain this behaviour – primarily the influences of upbringing (and related/resultant mental disturbances), as well as something apparently even more powerful than the supernatural aspects of the story – namely, mind-altering substances. 
I read Saving Him with much interest, given some of the recent research which suggests that a key factor behind domestic violence and the abuse of women generally appears to be the separate socialisation of males and females, in childhood and beyond, resulting in a society which treats women as ‘different’ - because it’s not a far leap from ‘different’ to ‘lesser’, or from ‘lesser’ to ‘undeserving of human empathy’. 
It wasn’t clear to me whether the author’s intent was to show this in her work, or whether the gender-based lines drawn dividing the friendships in The Sentinels 2 were merely meant to reflect the kinds of real-world patterns of socialisation we see all the time, in which men commonly hang out at work or at bars or play poker together, while women bond over shopping or wedding planning or talking about babies. 
Regardless of the author’s intent, in book two, we have the opportunity to see how Nikolas and Anya’s relationships with friends and family have developed – something less explored in book one, which focused on their whirlwind romance. Women Nikolas knew for a long time are now considered Anya’s friends, by virtue of their bonding over wedding-planning etc., another traditionally gendered domain.
Irrespective of what factors motivate violent and hurtful behaviour, the novel also begs the question, how should we hold those who act in this way responsible? Is it enough to simply say that you were raised a certain way? That you had too much to drink? That drugs made you do it? 
How much importance should we place on a person’s decision (or lack of decision) to take potentially mind-altering substances? Is intoxication relevant when a person is conscious of the morality (or lack of morality) of their actions as they are performing them? 
How do we describe those who are both victims (of childhood abuse or neglect, of substance problems, or of poisoning or manipulation at the hands of others) and perpetrators of the abuse of others?
Just as Saving Her involved a fair bit of him (Nikolas) needing saving, too, in Saving Him, we see Anya need saving as well. Because of the events mentioned above, it largely falls to Nikolas’ friends to look after her – but this book is full of surprises too, and just when it seems as if all the men are cast as either protectors or perpetrators, and all the women are victims, we get a sudden reminder of the strength of female friendship, too.
Saving Him is a much darker – and more interesting, more plot-driven - book than Saving Her. It’s not an idealistic, supernatural/paranormal romance with fantasy escapes and some danger lurking in the background, but a book which foregrounds sexual and physical violence and forces the reader to ask all sorts of uncomfortable, yet important, questions. While book one might be one you can enjoy on your own, book two is one you’ll be bursting to discuss with a friend.


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5 burning hot stars!

Dark, heartbreaking and addictive. One of the most gripping romances I've read this year.

Once in a while you come across a book that has you forget sleep and keep reading, until you turned the last page and suddenly realize it's almost morning. And you're not even sorry for missing a full night's rest, despite the whole load of work awaiting you in just an hour's time, because the story was so worth it! This is one of those.

I loved The Sentinels: Saving Her but this sequel is in all ways BETTER. Darker and even more full of feeling, with an even more gripping mystery and much more intense. But it is also more polished and smoothly flowing. 

Anya Hunter thought she had it all. A sexy, handsome and loving husband, a great career and amazing friends. Her life was perfect. Until it wasn’t. Her best friends start having life-threatening accidents and Nikolas, her soulmate and beloved husband is slowly changing before her eyes. 
For the first time in their relationship, Anya can't go to her husband anymore and be sure of 'a warm comforting embrace and a few words of love and affection.' She watches him slowly turn from sweet, caring and attentive to aggressive, cold and contemptuous. With no idea what went wrong and how to make it better, Anya has no choice but to helplessly witness her life and happiness unraveling bit by bit, caught in a maelstrom of sorrow and heartbreak.

How could things possibly go worse? Her once so caring and protective husband has turned into an aggressive sneering and contemptuous shadow of his former self. 
As it turns out, they can! How? I'm not going to tell you because I don't want to spoil. But what follows will tear Anya's soul apart and will leave you reeling.

She was determined to stand tall and not let anyone see how broken and twisted she was inside. But how much more would she be able to handle before she splintered into too many pieces to ever be put back together again. 

Anya's suffering made me want to cry, but then so did that of Nikolas. 

Nikolas was enjoying his life. His marriage to Anya was all he could have wished for. She was his everything and she filled parts of his soul he’d never known were empty. Living and working with her, and having his best friends by his side every day, was as good as it got and he couldn’t have asked for anything else. So, why had he started to feel so angry towards everyone, and especially Anya? He could feel the aggression bubbling under his skin like a hot, oily substance and it was becoming more and more difficult to contain. Somedays he wished he could just disappear.

No! I am not going to breathe a word about what causes the horrible changes in Nikolas as well as the upheaval of the happily married couple's lives because that would be a major spoiler here. The who and why were pretty clear to me, as the reader, from the very beginning. But it was the HOW that kept me on the edge of the seat and biting my nails up to the very end. 
Cassidy Reyne proves herself in this book as a masterful romantic suspense writer. Small details and clues dropped along the way for the reader to pick up and build the big final puzzle, combined with a fast and gripping pace and skillfully entwined with vivid emotions turn this novel into a first rate romantic suspense read.

It is by no means light. On the contrary, I would dare to say, it's as dark as it gets. This is one author who doesn't shy away from putting her characters through the wringer until you want to plead for her to have a little mercy and relent. 
And the best part is that she manages to make you feel their pain. She manages to make the reader connect with not one but both her MCs. 
Because she doesn't give you one little helpless damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. She gives you two people who save each other. When one falters the other one interferes and viceversa. And when both of them fail, their close friends lend a hand. 

Heartbreak, suffering, pain and sorrow, hope, trust and scorching love.
This book is an emotional roller-coaster that exceeds its predecessor. And if Reyne is a master at suspense, she more than excels at feeling. She's got a compelling manner of describing emotions - raw, gritty and real. Their intensity will practically sweep you off your feet.

I will say it again. This book is not for the faint of heart. It turns very dark at times and touches on both emotional suffering as well as physical abuse. But this time around, it also deals a lot more with violence against women and drug abuse. There is nothing typical about Cassidy Reyne's book.

This writer gives us here a well researched and masterfully build plot with a gripping mystery, compelling characters and a whole lot of feeling. The Sentinels - Saving Him is one of the best romantic suspense novels I have read this year. I finished it in one single night and yes, I needed a few tissues too. And I also had that Oh My God! reaction that only those kick-ass romances cause.

If you're looking for a compelling read that's bound to get you emotionally invested, this would be the perfect choice. 
I highly recommend it to all fans of Stephanie Meyer and Shiloh Walker, as well as all those who love a gripping dark romance.
Hope you will like it just as much as I did.
Happy reading! :)