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Saving Her

Nikolas has finally found his soulmate. With painful experiences from previous relationships he grasps this chance of a happy future with both hands but can he hold on or is he about to lose her forever?
After a chance meeting Nikolas knew Anya was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. When his enemies nearly kill her he doesn't hesitate to put his life on hold to save hers. But as tragedy strikes again will he be able to save her for a second time - and at what cost?

A romantic suspense novel that will draw you in to the lives of these two Sentinels. They are Jumeaux — Soulmates — with a bond beyond that of normal people. 


Saving Him

Anya Hunter thought she had it all. A sexy, handsome and loving husband, a great career and amazing friends. Her life was perfect. Until it wasn’t. When her best friends become involved in serious accidents she leans on her husband for comfort and support. As he turns from being sweet, caring and attentive to aggressive, cold and contemptuous, Anya doesn’t know what to do. Then the unthinkable happens and her life is shattered into a million pieces.


A romantic suspense novel that will draw you in to the lives of these two Sentinels. They are Jumeaux — Soulmates — with a bond beyond that of normal people. Will these events finally tear them apart or is there a chance for a happy ever after?



Saving Lives

Who knew that a single phone call could destroy the lives of two people overnight?


Logan Wells is not long-term relationship material. Relationships lead to disaster—this is the lesson he’s learned early in life, and he stands by it. A few enjoyable dates and then onward and upward. No promises, no commitments, no problems.


Men’s inability to commit has never bothered Casey. So, when she meets Logan and starts dating him, she thinks it is the best thing that has happened to her, even knowing he is not the going steady type.


After receiving a late-night call, Logan’s life is turned upside down. Driven by a sense of duty, he must make hard choices that will change his entire existence forever, leading to unforeseeable consequences. And losing Casey is the hardest one of all. Pushed into a corner, he has no choice but to create a whole new life, away from his friends, his job, and his love. 


When Logan disappears without a word, Casey struggles with the loss. Hurt and distressed, she does a few things she isn’t proud of, putting herself in immediate danger. However, the biggest threat comes completely unexpected, and it is the one she isn’t sure she can survive.


At the moment when everything seems to be lost, only one person stands between Casey and her inevitable demise—Logan Wells.


But does he have what it takes to save the woman he loves? Or had they said their final goodbyes when he left everything and everyone he loved behind?


If you like romance thrillers that will make you laugh, cry, and hope, then you’ll love the third installment of the Sentinels series. Get your copy now!

Saving Dignity

Grayson Hawke, former Navy SEAL and current Chief Of Security for the Sentinels Group, likes to work hard and play even harder. Filling his life with his job, friends, and plenty of gorgeous women, he loves every minute and sees no reason to change.

Jasmine Masters has worked long and hard to become a fully qualified veterinarian, and despite not having much of a dating life — mainly due to her overbearing father — she’s content and wakes every morning with a smile.

When Gray meets the fun and sassy vet with the luscious hair and eyes that shimmer with gold, his usual one-and-done behavior takes an unexpected break. She sneaks behind the armor plating around his heart and makes him feel things he’s never experienced before. Their connection is hot, steamy, and incendiary. They’re not in a relationship, though, as he doesn’t do those. His past experiences have taught him he’s unworthy of love. Spending time getting hot and sweaty between the sheets is all he can offer.


Dating a man like Gray is a new and wondrous experience for Jasmine.

Not only is he the size of a mountain with muscles upon muscles, his manners are impeccable, his smile charming, and he has an intensity about him that sets her heart racing.

Her only problem is hiding the relationship from her dad as he doesn’t approve of any man in her life, except someone he has chosen himself.


When their liaison becomes known, Gray’s life implodes, and he finds himself alone, reviled, and full of uncontrollable rage. The beast he’s kept caged in his head since retiring from the Navy is rattling its cage, demanding to be let out.

Putting his life at risk, he heads back to the one place he should never be.


Jasmine can’t remember her life from before her father demanded she works for him. Sometimes, a giant of a man appears in her dreams, making butterflies take flight in her stomach, and whisking her away from the horrors her future now holds. Pain, misery, and fear have become the cornerstones of her existence.


Who knew finding some newborn kittens could forever alter the very existence of two people, each with their own heavy load to carry? Is Jasmine doomed to cower in her father’s shadow? Can Gray find his way back to life, his friends, and his dignity?


This is the first part of Gray’s story. The conclusion to his story will be released in the coming months.


If you like romance thrillers that will make you laugh, cry, and hope, then you’ll love the fourth installment of the Bound by Conviction Series.

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AGENT: Undone

Women were like shot glasses lined up on a bar — until her.

DEA Agent Carter Hollis isn’t big on relationships. After his girlfriend dies in his arms during a mission, he becomes a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of guy. He spends most of his time between his work and random one-night stands. But when he is wounded during an operation, he has no choice but to take medical leave, slow down and spend a few weeks recuperating in Florida.

Escaping a painful and terrifying past, Madison Ward lives in hiding under a new identity. Content with her tranquil lifestyle on the Florida Panhandle, she’s not looking for changes, least of all—a new relationship.

When Carter and Madison meet, the sparks fly, at least from his side. But after Carter is called back for an urgent mission, cutting his vacation short, she finds herself lonelier than ever. Despite Carter’s promise to come back, she doesn’t hear from him. And as her past catches up with her, her worst nightmare comes true. Back in her own personal hell, she knows there is no way out. With her situation growing increasingly dangerous by the moment, she has no choice but accept her fate and hope death comes quickly.

Will Carter find her before it’s too late? Would he search for her at all?
After all, he is “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of guy…

Download this fast paced, steamy romantic drama that will keep you crying, laughing and cheering all the way to the last page. Get it now.

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