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Tailored for Freelancers, 

Home-Based Businesses, & Indie Creatives

Dr. Michelle Raab is a mom-boss who holds a doctorate in psychology, specializing in quantitative psychology. She has helped like you stand out, from grassroots political groups to indie creatives to solo entrepreneurs to boutique small businesses. She is known for her dedication to her clients, her creativity, and her science-informed knowledge. She has a knack for understanding how clients and customers think in order to best strategize how to bring them together. During tele-meetings, her son may say hello to your kid or cat or dog. It’s a new world!

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Spirit Editorial

From a Beast of a manuscript to the Belle of books.

What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?

You have finally finished the umpteenth draft of your novel and are eager to have it published and on the shelves. It’s time to start the editing phase, but you have looked at those words for so long, it feels like the biggest task in the world. Perhaps you feel dispirited at the thought of starting on this process and keep pushing it forward. At Spirit Editorial, we will help you polish that manuscript to its very best version.

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NMT Design Studio

Custom and Premade Book Cover Designs, Website Design

We understand the importance of grabbing readers' attention right from the start. Here, at NMT Design Studio, we are committed to helping you make a strong first impression, setting the path for your publishing success. Besides book cover designs, we offer website designs, marketing and promo materials, and interior illustration services to take care of all your publishing needs.

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