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Our Mission

"We are aiming for growth of indie creatives and the indie community. We will do this with respect and integrity through collaboration."

World Indie Warriors
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The World Indie Warriors is a collective of independent creatives who have formed a network where any Indie in the creative world can access resources, support and information. It's where they'll be able to find likeminded people to chat, brainstorm and create with. Look them up, find your own group of friends and supporters, and go create!


 When I started this journey of putting dreams onto paper and shaping them into a story that others could read, I was terrified. The thought of others judging my work and by extension - me - made my heart race and I felt like hiding in a dark hole and never come out again. Without the support of my family none of it would ever have happened.


I set myself up on Social Media hoping to find others who thought the same way, who felt the same way and who had the same vision as I did. Dreams of unwavering support, of genuine joy for each others' successes and a never ending supply of laughs, GIF's and shipments of virtual coffee.


Guess what? I found them. Through Instagram and Facebook I became involved with a group of women who, to my surprised delight, were just like me. It was a revelation and an epiphany. This was my tribe, my literary life support, my soulmates. We talk, we banter, we giggle and we give out an endless amount of love, virtual hugs and shots of espresso. 


These ladies are my crew, my friends and my sounding board. We span the continents from Hawaii to New Zealand. No time zones, languages, cultures, gender or religion will stand in our way of creating a safe haven for Indies of all genres. 


You want to create? You will be welcomed with open arms. You want to see what others have created? You are just as welcome. All we ask is that you respect and appreciate others for who and what they are.

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