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  • Cassidy Reyne

The Shadow Supremacy

I was so excited when I got my hands on this installment of the Enforcer Series. The last book left me almost traumatized with the main character — Damian Blake — having gone missing and no one knowing where he was.

Of course, without Damian, there would be no story, so it comes as no surprise that his family and friends work out where he is and get him back to where he belongs.

This book is the conclusion to the story arc of the last five books, although not the end of the series, and in no way did it disappoint. The trials and challenges Damian and his brother Cole face are devastating, harrowing, and deadly. They are put through almost impossible tasks, but neither will back down from the demands. Their friends, loved ones, and the entire human world is at stake.

The story moves along at breakneck speed, the turning of the pages almost becoming compulsive, but at no time does the quality of the story become compromised in order to reach the end. The depths of the characters, the world building, the richly woven tapestry of legends, myths, and folklore is all there in technicolor glory.

Few authors have the ability to spin such an intricate web without it becoming too complicated and confusing, but Thorn does it with the skill of a master.

All the loose ends are expertly tied up, and where we previously saw only a tangle of mysteries, all interconnected but still separate, we finally see the answers revealed, page by page, and the biggest one of all — the prophecy of the two brothers, some of which was hinted at toward the end of the last book — is finally revealed. And it’s a doozy!

Strap yourself in, relax, and be prepared for a rollercoaster ride you won’t want to get off.

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