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Jacob – A Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Author: Kris Michaels

This is the first book in the King’s of Guardian Series and it is awesome.

I was hooked from the very beginning and at no point did it disappoint. Tory is saved from a fate worse than death by a man who changes her world. Their relationship is explosive, hot and utterly heart wrenchingly amazing. Not only does she become his whole world, with them ending up working together, but she also saves him and members of his team when they come under fire on a mission.

Jacob is an alpha male through and through who loves with his whole body and soul, will do anything to keep his woman safe but is man enough to not feel threaten by her independence, sharp mind and great skill sets.

Becoming a member of the Guardian Security family means being woven into a fabric of close knit family, friends who become brothers and sisters, and experiencing love so deep it will penetrate your soul.

Book one and I’m already looking forward to reading the next one — they’re that good.

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