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The Shadow Enforcer – A Review

What a great start to this new series! N. M. Thorn’s latest book is the perfect addition to her fantasy world. We were introduced to the main character — Damian Blake — at the end of Thorn’s previous series, but reading it is not necessary for this book. Although, I highly recommend reading The Fire Salamander Chronicles anyway, as it’s a fantastic read.

Damian Blake hunts and kills any supernatural beings that hurt humans. He travels alone and works alone. Until he doesn’t. Reluctantly accepting a job as handyman and protector to an older man’s daughter, he’s about to discover much more than he bargained for.

As always, Thorn’s characters take on a life of their own and positively leap off the pages. She lures you in, wraps you up in her web, and all you can do is follow the strings to where she leads you — straight into an adventure with myths, magical realms and supernatural beings. She’ll have you believe there are gods and goddesses walking among us, causing mayhem and mischief, and watch out, the person standing next to you in the hardware store might just be capable of much more than you could ever dream of.

The world building is spot on, the characters are complex and entertaining, and the plot is flawless.

You won’t regret picking this book up. Curl up on the couch, ignore your surroundings and immerse yourself in Damian’s world. And for goodness sake, someone let that cat out!

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Michelle Raab
Michelle Raab
12 jul 2021

She’s high up on my TBR.

Me gusta
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