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  • Cassidy Reyne

The Burns Destiny – A Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

What a fantastic ending to this amazing series! So many questions got answered and all the loose ends were tied up in a gripping, nail biting and explosive finale. I can’t say I liked what the author did to my favorite characters, but I guess it had to be done or we would have been left wondering over their fates.

The way N M Thorn has woven Slavic myths and legends into the fabric of the story is nothing short of incredible. Her characters are fascinating, lovable and likable — even some of the bad ones — and the depth of their personalities makes them come alive on the pages. I must admit, I did not want this series to end, At all. So I was glad to see there is a sliver of hope at the finish line that she may write some more stories about Gunz, Mishka, Aidan et al in the future. I for one, would love to know more about that pesky little wyvern and enjoy some more of the banter with his reluctant master and friend Zane ‘Gunz’ Burns. It never fails to make me giggle.

The introduction to a new character — and series — was intriguing and I will most definitely put it on my ‘must read as soon as it’s released’ list. Thank you, N M Thorn, for pulling me into Gunz’ world and allowing me to spend so many hours in his company which was an exciting, fascinating, gripping, terrifying and altogether awesome adventure. In the end it all really came down to Destiny.

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