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  • Cassidy Reyne

Thank You!

Hey, I'm glad you're here!

As I was saying, I was sitting here in my office, keeping an eye on my boys, Matt and Luke, playing with their little sister out in the backyard. She’s only just turned two, but already has her brothers wrapped around her little finger. Taking after her mom, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. I, of course, am immune to her shenanigans. Except for when she pouts and turns those Bambi eyes on me. It doesn’t often happen. Only once or twice… a month… Okay, she gets me every single day. I admit it.

She only has to turn

those peepers on me, push that bottom lip out, and say ‘daddy’ in that sweet,

sweet voice of hers, and I’ll pluck the stars out of the sky and hang them on a string in her bedroom for her. What can I say? I’m a sucker for pretty ladies. My little princess is as beautiful as they come. She takes after her mom, of course.

Talking about Teresa. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have such an amazing woman by my side? Our relationship is the kind our parents have, and they’re still going strong. Don’t get me wrong, I have to work for it every single day, and she doesn’t go easy on me, but talk about rewards! Right now, she’s downstairs on the couch reading a book, while making sure the boys don’t get too boisterous with their sister. As soon as I’ve finished this, I’ll go down and join her. It’s still a little while before I have to make a start on dinner, so I’m going to pour a drink, and we can have some quiet time until the kids have had enough outside.

I love those serene moments when we can enjoy just being together and concentrate on our family. We both have demanding jobs and need make sure we reconnect and strengthen our unit. Hah. Listen to me being all philosophical and stuff. I sound like Nikolas. He’s the sap out of the four of us — six if you include Dan and Mac. I think they’ll be writing their own newsletters in the months to come, so you’ll get to know them a little better as well.

But I digress. So, this note from our illustrious creator. It just appeared on my desk. I was literally sitting here finishing off some paperwork, and there it was. How does she do that? Ms. Reyne, I mean. Does she have some power I don’t know of? Okay, yes, I know. She’s a writer, which is pretty much a supernatural gift in my opinion. But how did the note end up only desk? It’s a mystery, and a little freaky, in my opinion.

Anyway, here's what's on the notes:

Gray’s book is almost finished — and she says she knows she’ been saying it for a long time, but she promises it’s almost there. If you ask me, it can’t be here soon enough. That man is unraveling piece by piece, and I’m not sure how much longer he can hold on to his sanity. We’re all worried about him. And yes, it sounds hypocritical coming from me seeing as I’m part of the reason he’s going through a rough time, but you’ve got to understand, the Grits are not people any of us want to have in our lives — especially Nikolas since they nearly killed Anya. Twice. But I must admit, I feel pretty shitty about how we treated him. Not sure there’s much I can do about it, though. At least not until he’s willing to listen, and for that to happen, he needs to get help.

Part one of the Small Town series she’s writing is close to being finished— Wait, she’s writing another series?! One which isn’t about us?! That’s a bit— No, I won’t say it in polite company. And wasn’t she writing about that DEA dude? The one who’s a buddy of Carter’s? Hmph. I guess it’s okay as long as it doesn’t stop her from writing Mac’s story. And Dan’s. That doc is an enigma. I’ve known him for years, but I still don’t know him, if you get what I mean.

Those two just have to start talking to her and she'll dive right into their lives. Mac is a bit of a playboy who's been living life in the fast lane, but just recently... I don't know. It seems like he's looking for something. Or someone. And I can't wait to hear for Ms. Reyne to shine her light on Dan. As I said. An enigma. Maybe even a mystery disguised as an enigma and wrapped in a riddle. Or— Eh, you know what I mean.

Right, that's it from me. I have a beautiful woman waiting for me downstairs, and I don't want to keep her. We have some catching up to do...



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