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Fearless - A Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Author: April WIlson

This continues Beth and Shane’s story from Vulnerable, and it just keeps getting better.

Shane is still just as bossy and over protective and Beth still manages to get her own way by being strong, loving and making Shane compromise without him even realizing it. It works well for both of them.

In this book, Beth’s past comes back to haunt her and it terrifies her. Shane isn’t about to let anything happen to her, though, and if he could lock her away at his country estate until the threat was dealt with, he would. But, of course, things are not going to be that easy as Beth won’t be controlled and manipulated.

The author has an incredible knack for writing characters that are perfect and flawed in a stellar combination. They feel real and true and you can’t help but want to live in their world, be their best friend, if only for a day. From the first page you are drawn in deep and can get lost in a world of fierce, burning love, family and close friends, drama and laughter, and you really don’t want to even come up for air. The sexiness and drama is overflowing and reading the last sentence on the last page leaves me wanting more. Good thing I can jump straight into the next book in the McIntyre Security Series.

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