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Calypso - A Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

This is the second installment in the Killing Gods Series and I loved it.

Sydney sets out to sea with her two teenagers to find the island she’s seen her dreams for so long. She’s convinced it’s in the Caribbean and somehow she will get them there. But it won’t be an easy task. With the help of her and her kids’ growing powers and her own resourcefulness, every day they get a little closer to their goal. First, though, they have to evade their pursuers while searching high and low for clues to the exact location.

This book flows seamlessly from the first one and the tension is set to ‘high’ from the get go. There’s great attention to detail with perfect consistency in both characters and settings throughout. I was immediately drawn back into the story which didn’t miss a beat. The ending was great with many questions finally being answered. For me, the biggest one was ‘who was the voice Sydney could hear in her head?’. I had made a bit of a guess and I was glad to see it confirmed. Getting so many answers was great, but it also made me want to read the next book as plenty of new questions popped up, and now I need all of them answered as well.

This is a great series with something for everyone. It has drama, mystery, love and death all woven into an intricate tale with both humans and Gods wanting their story to be told.

Read it — You won’t be disappointed, but make sure you read Alethea first!

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