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Logo Talk

The logo I use was created for me by a good friend who is incredibly creative, and I was overjoyed with what she came up with. I gave her a few ideas of what I wanted it to look like and also the colors.

What she came up with was exactly what I had in mind.

It consists of a Gemini symbol with the DNA Helix inside and my initials.

Both my husband and I are Geminis, and even though I don’t put much faith in horoscopes, we really are two opposite halves of a whole and complement each other really well. The thirty years we’ve been together can attest to that.

In my series of books, some of the main characters are a little different. They belong to a group of people who call themselves The Sentinels. They are born with certain gifts and powers that the average person doesn’t have.

Seeing themselves as a kind of guardian, they strive to protect normal people from a different group — the Grits — whose aim in life is to grab power, money and influence for themselves, and don’t care who they hurt in the process. Most of all, the Grits want to get rid of the Sentinels who are their Nemesis. It’s a feud which has been going on for centuries, but how it started won’t be revealed until book four and five.

Every generation or so, there are some Sentinels who are born to find their Soulmate, or Jumeaux — the French word for twins — and their relationship is stronger, fiercer and deeper than that of any other couple. Their gifts are also amplified, and the connection with their Soulmate can only be broken by death.

It’s all in the Sentinels’ genetic makeup — hence the DNA helix, and yeet another reason to have the Gemini symbol in my logo.

If it hadn’t been for my being a Gemini, I wouldn’t have used the symbol as I will hopefully write many more books about other characters than the Sentinels, and I don’t want the logo to be associated solely with that series.

I believe your logo needs to represent you and not just your work.

Logo creator: Natalie Narbonne of

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