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I'm sorry!

Many apologies to everyone who was expecting an update several weeks ago, but I suffered a great loss in July, which took up all of my time, energy, and emotions.

I had a phone call late one evening, telling me my mom was being rushed into hospital.

The next day, I jumped on the first available flight and went straight to the hospital after I'd landed. I got to spend fourteen more hours with my mom, giving me the chance to tell her how much I loved her and reminisce about an idyllic childhood, and the wonderful memories we created as a family. She was unconscious, but I hope, believe, and pray she knew I was there.

The following many weeks were taken up with phone calls, funeral arrangements, and most importantly, supporting my dad. My mom's passing was a huge shock to the entire family, and it will take us a long time to process and heal.

She was an amazing person. She had endless amounts of patience, was always happy, and found something good in everyone she met. None of us are sure of what we're going to do without her, but somehow, we'll find a way to continue to honor everything she taught us about life, family, and love. I'll be forever grateful that she was my mom.

The same day my dad called, the second part of Gray's story was published. Naturally, I had no brain space to do any kind of release day promotions or marketing for the book, so if you feel like helping out, please spread the word on any social media platform you may be using, or even better, word of mouth. A recommendation to a friend is the best kind of help any author can get.

If anyone is interested in an Advance Reader Copy – ARC – let me know. It'll obviously no longer be 'reading it in advance', but I'd like to offer it anyway as a thank you for being so patient while I dealt with my loss. Just send me a quick message, and I'll pass it along to you.

This summer wasn't all bad. My daughter came home from Australia for a visit in June, and my son returned from his study year abroad in the US, bringing a friend back with him, so I got lots of hugs and quality time with my babies.

My daughter has since gone back to Perth, and my son decided to transfer to a US university to finish his degree there and left a few weeks after her, so it's just me and hubs in the house again. It's quiet. So, so quiet. Except for when we have friends around, play music, or have lively conversations about life, the world, and the state of the universe. You know how it is. Only, we haven't quite gotten around to that again yet, but we will.

Hubs and I just celebrated our pearl wedding anniversary. Neither of us have any idea where the time has gone, but isn't that always the case? We celebrated with dinner at our favorite restaurant, and are taking a vacation later in October as a reward for having worked hard on our marriage for so long. We've had our ups and downs like any other couple but we're still here, still very much in love, and looking forward to the next thirty years. I guess there's a reason I'm a romance writer.

Thank you again for your understanding, and I'll try not to take too long before the next update.


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