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  • Cassidy Reyne

Annihilate Me (Vol.1) – A Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

A fabulous story with some great characters. Jennifer, a country girl from Maine bumps into a handsome stranger after a disastrous job interview. Alex is instantly smitten and offers her a job as his companion for the numerous events he has to attend as a member of the New York elite.

I loved this story. The characters are perfectly created with flaws, quirks and foibles. Stealing the show has to be Ms Blackwell. A formidable woman who eats nothing but ice chips and goes through the occasional purge after some roughage. She wears nothing except for Chanel and her tongue is sharper than razor wire. Underneath all that, though, there’s a heart of gold. Her comments throughout the book had me chuckling hysterically with tears streaming down my face. Jennifer, of course, is beautiful, intelligent and no shrinking violet. A perfect match for handsome, brooding billionaire Alex.

The arc of the story is the usual for a romance, but what makes it so good is the interaction between the characters, the friendships that are formed and the intense love between Jennifer and Alex. I highly recommend it.

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