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Ticked off my bucket list!

This January, we traveled with our daughter to Perth, Western Australia, where she's currently living.

It’s an incredible part of the world with fantastic food, beautiful wines, and amazing sights. We went on wine tours, visited a cheese makers, took a trip on the Swan River, swam in both the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean, and visited the wine region of Margaret River.

One afternoon, after many of hours of keeping an eye out, we finally saw some wild kangaroos grazing lazily under some trees, and emus strutting about in a field. Luckily, we never came across any of these large animals during our roadtrips. Hitting a roo or a very large bird while driving at seventy miles per hour is not a joke and not something you easily walk away from.

A visit to a wildlife park with koalas, kookaburras, more kangaroos, and even a bandicoot roaming free, a gin distillery, and a chocolate factory were also on our itinerary. There’s something about being on vacation where you can sample wines at ten am or do a gin and vodka tasting in the early afternoon, and it seems perfectly sensible. Time has a way of taking on a different meaning when you’re away.

The beaches along the entire coast are stunning, and we visited one where stingrays swim near the beach, another with huge rocks that look like elephants lying in the water, and to see a lighthouse on Australia’s most south-westerly tip where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. Would you believe that a tourist had complained in a review that there was no line to see exactly where the oceans meet?

Hmm. I’m not sure it works that way.

As we were in the southern hemisphere, it was the middle of summer and the sunshine was beautiful. But it’s easy to burn, so I made sure to cover myself in plenty of sun lotion. With my fair skin, I have to be extra careful.

I also got to tick off a small item on my bucket list with a trip to stunning Rottnest Island where quokkas roam free, and I got my selfie with one very obliging little cutie.

We also spotted a pod of dolphins, some seals, and a King’s Skink lizard.

Spending these weeks with my daughter was a balm to my soul as we hadn’t seen each other for three years due to covid. She has plans to come home for vacation this summer, so fingers crossed it won’t be to long before I get to hug her again. My son, who is currently studying in North Carolina, will also be coming home this summer, at least for a little while, which means more hugs!


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That's all for now.

Much Love,


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