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Alethea - A Review

Author: S. L. Mason

This is the first novel in the Killing God’s Series.

We get to follow the lives of two vastly different women.

Sydney, an ordinary girl growing up in an abusive household, goes on to leads an extraordinary life. She suffers great hardships, terrible losses but also finds deep love and creates a family of her own. Over the years, we find that she’s not so ordinary and her life takes her on an adventure she’s not sure she will survive. But a voice in her head guides her along as she tries to find the answers to all her questions.

Herathina, a woman from another planet who is chosen to join Project Alethea. Its mission is to study Earth and its inhabitants. The project is led by Poseidon, and joining them is Artemis and Apollo. Their objective is to watch and learn, but it soon turns into something different as the humans start to treat them as gods.

This is a very clever story that interweaves two vastly different lives, yet somehow, they are also alike. The author’s novel take on Greek mythology is interesting and exciting, and her description of Sydney’s life both heart wrenching and uplifting.

The story is well written with character depth and great world building. You are drawn into both women’s lives and can’t help but feel invested and engaged. It will draw you in, hold you tight and not let go till you’ve read final line.

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